Every gift is twice as nice. Support special education with every Android Pay purchase.

‘Tis the season to give back. Android Pay and are teaming up with to support the 6.4 million children in the US education system with special needs. Over the last month, has been shining a spotlight on teachers who are using innovation in the classroom to improve learning and inclusion for kids with special needs. This is part of Google’s focus on improving the lives of people with disabilities through their Global Impact Challenge: Disabilities.

Now, Android Pay is extending that effort. Starting today through December 31st, we’ll donate $1— up to $1 million — to special needs education projects.

And as we kick off the season of giving, we’re doubling our donation for every Android Pay purchase made on Black Friday (November 27th). There’s never been a better time to give — twice.

Android Pay is accepted at over a million locations across the US - wherever you see these logos:

To find out more about how your taps can help make education more inclusive for every child, click here

Teachers spend nearly $500 out of their own pocket each year to outfit their classrooms with enriching projects and programs. Since each student learns differently, let’s support special needs classrooms across the country to make education more inclusive for every kid.
Happy holiday tapping -- and giving!

Posted by Sherice Torres, Marketing Director, Android Pay

Void for residents of AL, HI, IL, MA, MS, SC, and where prohibited. Standard data rates, terms and conditions apply. May not be available from all service providers/devices. Between 11/24/15 & 12/31/15, Google Inc. will donate $1 to for every purchase made using Android Pay and $2 for every purchase made on 11/27/15, up to $1,000,000 in total. Charity information at App uses are not tax deductible. Terms and conditions here.

When it comes to fitness, every effort counts: each step, sit-up, snack, and good night’s sleep. That’s why Google Fit’s latest update recognizes all your healthy choices: from cardio to strength training, what you eat plus how you rest, and coaches you every step of the way. 

Instant insights. See real-time stats for your runs, walks and rides on your phone. Google Fit will record your speed, pace, route, elevation, and more so you can stay motivated and on track.
Strength training. Want to add push-ups to your routine? If you have an Android Wear watch, you can start a daily challenge and your watch will automatically detect and count each sit-up, push-up, and squat. They'll be added to your daily activity, so you get credit for each one.

The whole picture. Google Fit will now show you info from your favorite nutrition and sleep apps. Monitor your diet with MyFitnessPal, Fatsecret, Lifesum, or LoseIt. Or track your sleep with Sleep as Android, Xiaomi Mi Band and Mi Band 1S, Sony Smartband 2, or the Basis Peak. These new integrations (rolling out in the coming days) will provide even better insights into your health and fitness. And with Google Fit, you'll always have a personal coach cheering you on, right from your phone. 

When you’re able to view your overall fitness, you may just start making better choices: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, choosing salads over eclairs. Looking to stay fit this holiday season? Check out the new Google Fit updates and start making every effort count.

Posted by Michael Gaiman, Software Engineer, Google Fit

It’s a multi-generational debate—are you team Batman or team Superman? While we can’t personally help you make this very difficult decision, we can tell you it’s never been a better time to be a comic book fan. With a smartphone in your pocket, you have a sharp color screen at your fingertips and instant access to read any comic whenever and wherever you are. Holy Android!

Today, Google Play Books is getting an upgrade specifically designed for comic book fans, making it easier to read your favorite comics on your phone or tablet. Reading a comic book is all about following the story and enjoying the art, dialogue and pace the way you want. But navigating a comic can be tricky on a small phone or tablet screen. So, we’re introducing a new vertical scrolling experience for comics in landscape mode. Flip your device on its side and you can easily scroll through the story with quick vertical swipes.
New vertical scrolling experience for comics
(Featured “Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Shattered Empire”)

We’ve also made finding great comics and series really easy. Now we’re offering a new comics destination and a bunch of beautifully curated series pages on the Google Play Store that organize volumes, issues and other editions of the top comic series. You’ll also find new personalized recommendations for similar series to help you discover new stories and characters.

Easily discover and continue a comic series in Google Play Books 
(Featured: comic series discovery in the Google Play Store app and Google Play Books app) 

Google Play offers binge-worthy comics from all the major publishers, including DC Comics, Marvel, Image, IDW and Dark Horse. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just starting out, our collections will have something great for you, with series like The Walking Dead, Justice League, Deadpool and Mortal Kombat. And for the next week we’ll be celebrating these new features with several free comics, including issues from The X-Files, Lazarus, and Jem and the Holograms, and more.

These experiences will roll out to Android users in the next few days (with iOS soon to follow) in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, India, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. Now stop reading here, and go connect with the canon!

Posted by Greg Hartrell, Senior Product Manager, Google Play Books

Android Wear lets you stay connected, even when your phone isn’t with you. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, for example, you can see who’s calling when your phone is in the next room, or respond to messages at the gym while your phone is at home. Today, we're bringing cellular support to Android Wear, so you can stay connected in even more places.

No more worrying about Bluetooth or Wi-Fi—your watch will automatically switch to a cellular connection when you’re out of range. As long as your watch and phone are connected to a cellular network, you’ll be able to use your watch to send and receive messages, track fitness, get answers from Google, and run your favorite apps. And yes, you’ll even be able to make and take calls right from your watch, for when your hands are full, or your phone is elsewhere.

The first Android Wear watch with cellular support is the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.
The watch’s three buttons offer quick access to what you use most: your contacts list, the LG Health fitness app, and back to the watch face to see the time. Its high resolution 480 x 480 P-OLED display makes it easy to read important info, no matter where you are. And the built-in heart rate monitor helps you get more out of your workouts. US customers can buy the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition from AT&T and Verizon. And international customers will be able to buy it within the coming months. Supported features for the watch may vary, so please check with your carrier. 

The next time you’re running an errand or a marathon, try leaving your phone behind. With calling, messaging, and thousands of apps right on your wrist, you’ll always be able to stay in touch and on track. Say goodbye to bulky pockets and awkward armbands: cellular support for Android Wear lets you wear what you want.

Posted by Peter Ludwig, Product Manager, Android Wear

Watches have a long and celebrated history of mixing beauty with engineering breakthroughs. And TAG Heuer has been at the forefront of many of these innovations—from the first chronograph accurate to 1/100th of a second, to the first belt-driven tourbillion, and many more. With the TAG Heuer Connected we're excited to introduce another first: the first luxury watch powered by Android Wear.

Inspired by the TAG Heuer Carrera, this watch includes a titanium case and signature strap in seven striking colors. In addition, its high-resolution, transflective sapphire glass display makes it easy to check the time and other important info—even in the bright sun.
Moving from atoms to bits, the TAG Heuer Connected includes a beautiful set of digital watch faces with classic TAG Heuer dials. You’ll be able to personalize what information you want to see: weather, step count, or calories. And because the watch is powered by Android Wear, you can check your messages, receive fitness coaching, and ask Google for help—right from your wrist. (Yes, even if you have an iPhone.)

The TAG Heuer Connected represents an incredible collaboration between watchmakers from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and engineers from Intel and Google in Silicon Valley, California. With our combined expertise in watchmaking, hardware, and software, we’ve created a watch that we’re excited to share with the world! So check out the TAG Heuer website, and learn more about this beautiful, useful watch.

Posted by David Singleton, VP of Engineering, Android Wear

As with many gamers, I enjoy watching recorded gameplay to learn how to get past difficult levels or just listen to funny commentary. Who doesn’t love a good ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ battle cry or a come from behind win? It’s a growing phenomenon. Every month, more than 144 billion minutes of gaming videos and live streams are watched on YouTube. Channels like VanossGaming and TobyGames are already part of mainstream culture, generating millions of views – numbers typical of famous Hollywood personalities and musicians.

Today, we’re launching a new feature on the Google Play Games app that lets you easily record and share with others your own best gaming moments from your favorite mobile games.

It’s simple. In the Play Games app, select any game you want to play, then tap the record button. You can capture your gameplay in 720p or 480p, and choose to add video of yourself and commentary via your device’s front facing camera and microphone. When you’re done recording, you can quickly edit and upload your video to YouTube.
So whether you are leading your clan to victory in Clash of Clans, munching amoebas in, or building new worlds in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, it's never been easier to record your favorite gaming moments and share them with your friends. Gameplay recording will first rollout to US and UK users over the coming days and will be available in more countries soon after, and who knows, you might even become the next big thing on YouTube Gaming.

Posted by Duncan Curtis, Product Manager, Google Play Games 

Google Play Music helps connect people with the perfect soundtrack for whatever they’re doing—whether they’re stuck in rush hour traffic, staying up late with friends or lifting weights at the gym. But what if that same technology and curation could help connect people with great podcasts based on their mood or interest—something to make them laugh, get lost in a story or learn something new? We thought that would be awesome, so we plan to start offering podcasts on Google Play Music, giving podcasters access to millions of new listeners on Android phones and tablets.

To that end, today we’re launching a portal for podcasters to start uploading their shows to Google Play Music before we open up the service to listeners. Along with direct searches and browsing for podcasts, the service will connect new listeners with podcasts based on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, or what they’re interested in. Similar to our contextual playlists for music, this will give podcast fans and new listeners a way of finding and listening to content that’s unique to Google Play Music. Podcasters in the US can start uploading shows now at

We’re already working with more than a dozen of the most popular podcasters and networks to offer their shows when we open the service, including:
Dan Carlin
Dave Ramsey
Feral Audio
Gimlet Media
Head Gum
Loud Speakers Network
Nerdist / Legendary
Public Radio International
Radiotopia / PRX
Sideshow Network
Slate / Panoply
StarTalk Radio
This Week in Tech
Tim Ferriss
With more than one billion people using Google Play every month, there’s always something to watch, read, listen or play. And soon, you can add podcasts to that list. We’ll have more details to share in the coming months. For now, start uploading your podcasts at

Posted by Elias Roman, Product Manager, Google Play Music